Green Smoke E-Juice Content – What Are The Ingredients?

Just like other electronic cigarettes, the Green Smoke E-Juice contains propylene, vegetable glycerin, glycol, nicotine, and flavoring. These ingredients are listed clearly on any Green Smoke cartridge and the official e-cig website. There is some suspected change to these contents once they are vaporized and inhaled as a recent study has revealed. The overall conclusion is that in vapor form, these contents are less harmful than tobacco smoke and pose no health risks.

greensmoke-couponcodes1Even better, there are no risks associated with second-hand smoke. The liquid found in Green Smoke e-cigs is referred to as e-juice and is what handles delivering nicotine to users. Once the liquid is heated, it forms a vapor that’s inhaled just like normal cigarette smoke. Here is what you need to know about the contents of an e-cig and most importantly Green Smoke cartridges.

1.    Propylene Glycol

Usually created in laboratories, this organic compound has been approved by the FDA for various uses. Some of the products that use the compound include theatrical smoke machines, skin care products, food additives and pharmaceutical goods among other products we use every day. In an electronic cigarette, the compound is used as a base that creates vapor that is inhaled by the user. It’s usually colorless, tasteless and odorless.

2.    Vegetable Glycerin

This compound is usually derived from vegetable plant oils and is also another base used in e-cigs. After thorough testing, it has been proven to be 100% safe and natural. It’s thicker than other compounds and as such produces more vapor. When combined with propylene glycol it produces and accurate and smoother experience for the e-cig user.

3.    Nicotine

Currently, there are a few negative reviews about nicotine being that it’s addictive, and continued use can cause a few mild side effects. However, contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t cause cancer. For normal cigarettes, there are lots of carcinogenic compounds that handle the disease but nicotine is far from the cause. This compound is a stimulant, quite similar to caffeine and is usually found in tobacco leaves. It’s used as an ingredient in e-cigs to produce the same effect as traditional cigarettes.

4.    Flavoring

One of the reasons why most people have become attracted to e-cigs is because of the numerous flavors available. The actual ingredients used for flavoring is likely to vary among different manufacturers. However, most of them are naturally occurring food based additives that have been approved for use by the FDA. Some of the commonly used flavoring compounds for e-cigs include acetypyrazine, beta-ionone, dimethylpyrazine, ethylpyrazine, linalool, mallic acid, rose oil, trimethylpyrazine and vanillin. Some of these flavoring compounds are also used in common food compounds and as such have been proven to have no side-effects.

5.    Distilled Water

Some manufacturers, especially those who use vegetable glycerin as the primary base, also dilute the mixture using distilled water. This reduces the overall viscosity of the mixture preventing any buildups and eventually enhancing the user’s experience.

In summary, all the ingredients used in the manufacture of Green Smoke e-juice have been thoroughly tested and proven safe for use!

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