Top Trends That Are Expected To Prevail In The E-cig Industry In 2018

The vaping industry‘s climate can be best described by the “pendulum theory”. A few years ago, the industry was more concentrated on minimal or non-smoking products. Over time, there are groups of people who have headed right and others have headed left. On one hand, there are people who are advocating for electronic cigarettes (or e-cigs) ban, and on the other, there are companies that are focusing their efforts in the production of the best e cig vaporizer systems, the best cartomizers, the best 18650 battery charger kits etc. While it is not fair to knock the groups that ‘chase the clouds”, the people who advocate for reasonable regulation of the industry should also be appreciated. Given this apparent divide in the industry, it is crucial to figure out some of the key industry trends that are likely to be witnessed in 2018.

Changing vaping preferences and lifestyle

Over the years, e-cig sales have been significantly influenced by the evolving users’ lifestyles and preferences, especially when it comes to people’s attitude about smoking. Electronic cigarettes are increasingly being adopted globally, particularly by those who desire to quit smoking tobacco. In 2018, therefore, the e-cig industry is expected to witness tremendous growth in e-cig demand, especially from end users.

Appreciation of more flavors

Currently, there are over 3000 e-cig flavors in the US alone, and approximately 300 fresh flavor options are being added to the list monthly. This simply implies that the end users are finding new e-cig flavors attractive. In 2018, the trend is expected to continue, and it is predicted to contribute greatly to the growth of the e-cig industry in general.

More e-cig research and developmental activities

In the recent past, an increase in research and development projects has been witnessed in many e-cig producing cities, and the goal of these research activities is to lower production and distribution costs. With the rapidly changing technology coupled with changing consumer preferences, e-cig manufacturers are expected to come up with innovative brands if they are to survive the ongoing market commoditization. The e-cig industry is, therefore, expected to witness the tremendous development of many innovative e-cig brands and accessories.


Overall, the e-cig industry is headed in the right direction. However, there are still a lot of work to do moving forward. Although most of the trends in the industry are set by e-cig manufactures, individual vapers also need to realize that they are also responsible for helping set far-reaching trends. With a unified effort, they can achieve great vaping goals while enjoying themselves in the process.